Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rooftop Fireworks

July 4, 2005. Sunset. Burbank, California. 229 years removed from the signing of a piece of parchment on which our forefathers proudly proclaimed, in a nutshell, "We're sick and tired of being hassled by the man." I was sitting on a rooftop just off Magnolia Ave, watching 3 different fireworks shows at the same time. To the north, just above the treetops, my friends and I could plainly see the colorful explosions coming from Starlight Bowl. To the south, Universal Studios was giving the tourists a spectacular light show. And not to be outdone, the Hollywood Bowl was getting in on the act, illuminating the eastern skies with some stunning, and no doubt expensive red rocket glares. Our necks got whiplash for the better part of 2 hours as each boom and flash made us whip around to each successive and random firework light up the dark skies over the San Fernando Valley. It was like watching a technicolor tennis match made of light and magic. And it was free.

Like we are.

Happy birthday, America.

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Dan W said...

One of my favorite memories was July 4th, we were 16. I drove to Alabama from Texas and spent teh week.

Michelle's parents invited us on their boat and we set off fireworks on an island.